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Google Overtakes Facebook as King of Advertising

A new report from marketing technology company IgnitionOne reveals the latest trends in digital advertising spend for the first quarter of 2020.

Among its key findings are that Google passed Facebook in growth and conversions, seeing an increase of 37 per cent in programmatic display advertising spend and a 34 per cent increase in conversions. In comparison, Facebook saw an increase of 22 per cent in growth and 17 per cent in conversions.

Other findings are that in the US paid search has continued the consistent growth seen over the past several years, with an 18 per cent increase year on year. In addition following steady drops seen in the past three out of four quarters, impressions are on the rise, with a year on year increase of 7 per cent. This is somewhat unexpected after Q3 2015, which saw them down by 21 per cent.

“The overall increase is due in part to the rise in both Google Partner Network activity and impressions from Google shopping ads”, says IgnitionOne’s Marketing Content Manager Rachel Peterson writing on the company’s blog. “Google’s shift to shopping ads in a carousel format has led to an overall increase in impressions, but a decrease in CPC (Cost per Click) growth, particularly in mobile, which saw CPCs down by 21 per cent”.

Cyber Monday continues to drive Thanksgiving shopping trends, seeing an impressive 107 per cent increase in spend compared to normal baseline activity. Automotive advertising was strong in the final quarter too, with a 66 per cent increase in spend and 58 per cent increase in clicks over the previous year.


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