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Broadcast and Cable Television Advertising

The Toro Group media buying team works closely with our media vendors to build and implement a well-thought out media plan.  As part of the campaign, we will develop and produce eye-catching and aggressive television spots to spread your dealership's marketing message, and be consistent with your digital advertising and digital marketing platforms. We create customized storyboard, handpick stations and negotiate contracts to give our dealers the best returns on their automotive marketing spend.

Radio Advertising

The Toro Group can handle every aspect of radio advertising and build the best buys with your budget and audience in mind coupled with a thorough post-buy analysis.  Our team will work with you in creating scripts and producing radio spots or custom jingles that have a clear and concise message that will resonate with your target audience and be consistent with your digital advertising  and digital marketing platforms.

Print Advertising

Whether it's regional or city-wide newspaper print ads, a circular insert, magazine or program ads, the production and creative team at The Toro Group excels in creating upscale ads that have unique design and content. We will work with your dealership to strategize call-to-action messages and layout accompanying images to produce an aggressive, engaging ad. 

Call-Center Support

Through our extensive infrastructure across a variety of channels, we have the ability to target potential customers to your dealership. Our methodology provides dealers with quality leads efficiently and effectively through our verified target system. The Toro Group has a successful track record of providing our clients with the best leads and customers to help drive traffic to your dealer.


As we begin our work with any new dealer or dealer group, branding is a big part of the initial process.  A strong, consistent branding message through all digital marketing and non-digital marketing platforms is fundamental to the success of any dealership. The Toro Group is able to organize and package an exclusive identity and message to fit the individual needs of each of our clients. Through our digital marketing and digital advertising strategies, we are able to effectively position your dealer or dealer group so that potential customers can understand your message and inherent value.





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