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Watch now: The future of advertising

The rules of engagement are changing.

Picture this scene: The whole family is sitting on their couch and everyone is watching the same TV show. One person is controlling the remote control, so the other people cannot really choose what to watch.

The world has changed a lot since then. In today’s families, everyone has their own screen and decides what content they want to consume.

We’ve just added Daniel Alegre’s talk from the TNW USA Conference 2014 to our TNW Video site and you can watch it right now for free.

Alegre, the president of global partnerships at Google, thinks that everyone is now advercasting. Consumers actually do want to engage with brand and create a content; they don’t want to be passive observers. What is more, there is no such thing as offline. Even if consumers see something offline, like in print or on TV, they will still search about it online. In fact, the internet is so pervasive that about 90 percent of all media interactions are screen-based. What was before an offline transaction, is now considered an online transaction.

Naturally, television advertisers are concerned about mobile devices cannibalizing on TV consumption, but as Alegre points out, that is not the case. An example would be the Olympics – consumers would follow the games on two screens. In fact, people who also followed the Olympics on their phone, watched 53 percent more Olympics than those who watched the TV alone.

How can companies create a personalized experience? And what is the revolution that advertising industry is experiencing? Watch Daniel’s talk to find out.

Watch more TNW Conference videos right now at TNW Video.

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